Stand Design


MOURA MARTINS develops creative stand design projects that makes your brand enhance among other exhibitors.

A well-designed stand attract and impress potential customers. A stand design project should be different and innovative not only to stand out from other exhibitors but also to meet the expectations of visitors who seek to find trends and novelties.

The stand appearance is the first impression that visitor will have of the brand. Thus, an attractive design may influence the decision of a visitor entering the stand and consequently the success of your exhibition.

A stand with a quality design gives the brand credibility, transmits confidence and helps to increase business visibility.

how to build an innovative stand:

respect brand Identity

Your exhibition stand should be an extension of your company’s image. Thus, it must convey the company's identity as well as its values and culture. The name of the company or brand must stand out so that it is easily identified by visitors.

design a functional Layout

Our projects seek to optimize the space allocated. The program and objectives must be well-defined so that the layout fits all requirements. Entrance must be accessible and wide. The exhibition space should also highlight brand's products.

maximize vertical space

It is very important to maximize the height of a stand because brings visibility and highlights it from competitors. If your space is lower than surrounding stands it may lose strength and consequently performance in relation to others.

create cozy Lounge spaces

Lounge spaces are beneficial to increase visitors’ time on your stand. It breaks the monotony of the exhibition. These spaces also serve for informal meetings with customers so, should have points for charging laptops or mobile phones.

enhance Lighting system

Light is an essential element that enhances the space. A well lighted stand is also more inviting and attractive. Used correctly, light can create different environments or highlight some products.

use the correct Materials

Our team always seeks to find the most interesting materials for each stand. They must reflect brand identity and products displayed. The choice of material can always reinforce the image we intend to convey.

introduce Technology

The use of new technologies is an asset in any stand. They call attention, transmit innovation and show that the brand is up to date. In addition, an interactive stand attracts more visitors and involves them in your brand.

value Communication elements

Our team is also qualified to study graphic or decorative elements that make the stand more communicative and appealing. These elements must be studied in order to maintain the harmony of space.