Showroom Design


The main objective of a showroom is to attract new customers, as well as to exhibit brand’s image and products. The space design contributes significantly to the success of this goal. Our team of architects and designers has the necessary know-how to design an efficient and attractive showroom.


There are several aspects to take into account when we design a showroom. We emphasize the brand image, product characteristics and company objectives. A showroom should be inviting, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, personalized and adapted to new trends.

Our team designs creative and innovative spaces that translate a unique experience for the consumer.

We also seek to create flexible showrooms. Seasons and trends change, products evolve and stores must be adapted to these realities, allowing fast changes and with the minimal cost.

how to build an attractive showroom:

respect brand Identity

Your showroom must be designed according to the image of your brand as well as according to the characteristics of the product displayed. It is also important to reflect the company's goals and expectations of the target audience.

Design functional Layout

In a showroom design is important to keep the space open an invited therefore, low ceilings or confined spaces should be avoided. Wide spaces are more attractive and welcoming. The paths must be clear and well-defined in order to guide the client's visit.

Value Window display

The window display is the first impression the customer has of the brand. So, it must have an inviting and inspiring environment that incentive customers to come in. The space must also be flexible in order to adapt to different exhibitions and products.

Create Decompressing areas

In some spaces of the showroom it is important to create decompression zones. One of these zones must be located at the entrance. The back of the store is also a good space to create living or relaxation areas and meeting zones.

Use the correct materials

The choice of materials in the design of a showroom is extremely important as they must reflect the image of the product and the brand. They must also be low maintenance materials.

Choose the right Colors

Colors should also be in line with brand's image. In addition, colors cause different sensations in the client, being a way to stimulate the visitors according to the company’s objectives.

Enhance Lighting system

Lighting can be a powerful tool to divide, define and highlight environments. Whenever possible, natural light should be favored. It saves energy and improves the mood of employees and customers.

Introduce natural Plants

Studies prove that the use of natural plants increases the attention and the well-being of customers. In consequence, stimulates purchase. It's also an element that makes space aesthetically more pleasant.