Refurbishment projects

MOURA MARTINS ARCHITECTS develops refurbishment projects in different areas. We study the spaces to adapt them to the current client’s objectives and needs. We improve their image and efficiency without compromising their history.

Our team is qualified to develop refurbishment projects that require integral or partial arrangements to adapt spaces to their current functions. Above all, we design environments more functional and comfortable.

We introduced new equipment and infrastructures that make the space updated with nowadays solutions but without compromising its structure. Technological evolution has allowed the construction of more functional, accessible and efficient buildings.

Today’s needs are not the same as in the past. Whenever possible, buildings must adapt to everyday, increasing their levels of thermal and acoustic comfort, safety and technological. With modern constructive solutions it is possible to improve buildings without compromising their design.

Light is one of the elements that we value the most as it makes spaces more attractive, spacious and healthy.
Some measures such as valuing natural light and choosing the right materials and equipment make spaces more sustainable too.

There are several advantages to rehabilitate a building. It is a more sustainable construction practice and is often supported by tax incentives. Our team is able to support you in this process that will certainly enhance your property.