Orgatec 16

The search for more sustainable, healthy and creative spaces to work was the inspiration of this booth. Today it is known that the inclusion of green spaces in work areas makes happier, creative and productive people.

All materials used in the construction of the stand is recycled or reused. The walls and main divisions are continuous lines of trees, creating such a garden in the middle of the fair.

The main entrance leads us to the booth center where surrounded by hanging pots and a radial structure arises the reception and living space.

From the central area we can enter each of the exhibition spaces where furniture comes between clearings and groves of trees.

The booth construction, very neutral and naturalist contrasts with the colorful atmosphere created for each exhibition space.

Project Stand for Orgatec 16
Client Famo Indústria
Date 2016
Location Colónia, Alemanha
Area 406m2