Office Design


MOURA MARTINS is a company specializes in office design. We create solutions in accordance with the highest quality standards, therefore, we respond rigorously to the characteristics and time of the project.


From the conceptual phase to the monitoring of the work, we guarantee that the entire process goes according to plan. Our team has an extensive experience in creating functional, efficient and creative office design projects.

The work space of a company is its business card so, a good office design increase satisfaction and confidence in your brand. Workplaces should reflect company’s image, values, culture and, above all, create a welcoming environment for employees and visitors.

A well-designed work space can increase productivity by about 20% so, your office design plays an important role in the performance of your company.

Workplaces are constantly evolving in order to adapt to new technologies, to new concepts, routines and mentalities. Thus, offices must be multi-functional and flexible to respond to the current and future needs.

How to build an efficient office:

Respect Brand Identity

Your office must reflect your brand image in order to reinforce your identity. The work space must also be in accordance with the company’s values and culture. It is company's first impression.

Design a Functional Layout

You will be more efficient if your office is clean and ordered. Choose layout according to the type of work. Open spaces favor communication but some works need more concentration, requiring reserved spaces.

Create Break Out spaces

It is important to create casual spaces for breaks or informal meetings because it motivates communication and improves connections. In addition, break out spaces help refocus and re-energize employees.

Enhance Natural Light

Whenever possible we should take advantage of natural light. A lack of natural light can have a negative physiologic effect because that can affect the mood and the level of productivity of employees.

Value Ergonomic Design

It is essential to use equipment and techniques that favor ergonomics because increases the well-being of employees. Consequently, it also raises productivity and attendance.

Introduce natural Plants

Plants improve air quality, reduce noise levels and make spaces more attractive. It is also studied that plants reduce stress and increase the creativity of employees.

choose the right Colors

Colors used must be in line with company's identity. Color can also influence the mood of employees and visitors. For example blue conveys trust, green calm and gray balance.

build with Sustainability

Using sustainable solutions and materials are great for creating an eco-friendly space. Also, when choosing equipments or fixtures, it is necessary choose the most efficient.