Interior Design


MOURA MARTINS develops interior projects in several areas ensuring the creation of comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. We value the details and the quality of the finishes creating exclusive and personalized environments.


An architectural project is not fully completed without an interior project. The interior projects are very important since they influence the quality and the way the space will be lived. The lack of an interior design or a poorly developed project could compromise the success of a building.

An interior design project may include the choice of flooring, wall covering, furniture, decorative objects, lighting and other equipment. It all depends on the condition of the building and the purpose of the client.


We divide an INTERIOR PROJECT in the following STAGES:


1. Layout plan

We analyze with the client the objectives, the concept and the existing budget for the space. Our team also studies the need to reformulate areas or to introduce new partitions in order to make the space more effective and functional. We design the project according to the legislation. We also study the placement of furniture, lighting and other equipment, taking into account criteria such as ergonomics, accessibility, safety and whenever necessary, accompanied by lighting and acoustic studies.

2. Detailed project

Once the layout is defined, it is time to choose equipment, materials, finishes and colors. The choice of furniture becomes one of the most important tasks since it will have a great impact on the image and use of space. It should reflect the client’s image, be ergonomic, comfortable, resistant and comply with legal and safety criteria. Our team has extensive experience in furniture design, so whenever we need a more personalized solution we also design to measure. Above all, it is important that together, all elements create a harmonious space in accordance with the program requirements. All materials are also defined, for example, floors, wall coverings and their details are drawn.

3. Materials, furniture, fixture and equipment (FF&E)

In this stage, our team creates a map where we describe all materials to be used, as well as, all equipment, fixtures, furniture and other objects that make up the interior design. This map presents references, models, characteristics, finishes and quantities so that they are easily identified and budgeted.

4. Construction monitoring

In order to guarantee the follow-up of the project, the quality and the rigor of the details, we follow all the construction works, as well as the assembly of the furniture and other equipment. We make sure that all the requirements are fulfilled and carry out the finishing touches of the room decor.