Following the aim of bringing public and art, inside the courtyard, we have a deep visual connection with the circulation spaces and be the museum. There is no barrier between interior and exterior, between museum and city, and between pedestrians and visitors.

The atrium of the Museum is the starting point for a circuit around the central courtyard where arise the different spaces of the museum. In one direction, the route is clear and visible.

Many of the museum’s main areas are independent, allowing more flexibility and control of their use.

All spaces are accessible allowing smooth movement for all visitors. The different floors of the building of exhibition galleries, as well as vertical accesses, have a continuous and uninterrupted path with panoramic views of the city, thanks to the ramps that connect the access corridors to the showrooms.

Project Guggenheim Museum Competition
Client Guggenheim Museum
Date 2014
Location Helsínquia, Finlândia
Area 13800m2