Famo Porto

With 800 m2, the Famo Porto office and showroom occupies the ground floor of a building that crosses a block. Thus, the space has two opposite accesses. One of them, which accesses the main street, will be the entrance to the store, while the opposite will be service access for employees and logistics.

It was created different types of exhibition for the products of this company that produces office furniture:

  • window display areas
  • open space – for technical exhibition
  • exhibition boxes – for decorated environments
  • custom cabinets – for place smaller products

The offices are an integral part of the showroom area. With glass partitions, these work spaces are also another way of exposing the company’s products. The customer can see the product in the real work context, becoming the space in a living catalog

Additionally, the store has a customer service area at the rear of the store. In this area, the customer may also have contact with technical information about the company’s products such as drawings, catalogs, samples of finishes, etc.

In the center of the showroom is the coffee area, an informal lounge created for customers and employees. This space is close to one of the courtyards, which allows the lounge to enjoy an outdoor space.

The store’s two large courtyards provide excellent natural light that favors both the office and exhibition areas.

Project Famo Porto Office and Showroom
Client Famo Comercial
Date 2009
Location Porto, Portugal
Area 815m2