Famo Lousada

Refurbishing its work and exhibition spaces, according to the new image of the company, was the primary objective of “Famo Lousada Office and Showroom” project. The building is located in Lousada, about 50 km from Porto, and is part of the company’s industrial complex. It has been the headquarters of this furniture company, since its origin in 1947.

The aim was to simplify the layout designing clear paths and increasing the interaction between the different departments. An example of this intention was the visual connection created with the glass curtain that divides the offices and the factory. Other objective was design a workplace consistent with the identity and values of the company.

“Famo Lousada” office open space are also directly connected to the showroom making them an extension of the exhibition space. A sculptural staircase performs this connection making it a symbolic element of this project.

The client requested an open space layout in order to streamline the relationship between the different areas. In addition, this type of layout also facilitates the change of work stations whenever necessary.

The open space enjoys plenty of natural light, one of the most relevant aspects when creating the ideal office.

The meeting and living areas were placed in the center of the open space in order to facilitate common access. These spaces also allowed to create a division in the space that improved the organization and its acoustic levels.

On the top floor are the individual offices for the administration and finance department. These work spaces need more privacy, so the layout was studied to fulfill these requirements.

In another area of this floor, was created a dining hall which, full of natural light, has a flexible configuration that allows it to be used for other functions such as training room.

Project Famo Lousada Office and Showroom
Client Famo Indústria
Date 2013/2014
Location Lousada, Portugal
Area 2570m2