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Date: 2011
Location: Guimarães, Portugal
Area: 325200 m²

The project proposes the integration of a bike path along the main avenue, allowing more efficient access and a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

In introducing this new design, it became central to eliminate heavy traffic from this route. Therefore, alternative routes were designed in order to clear traffic in the center of the parish.

To benefit the existing agricultural practices is also proposed the maintenance and revitalization of some farms, as well as the inclusion of gardens on the new residential buildings.

The standardization of the urban network is another important aspect in Silvares. Currently, there is a big contrast between the existing large warehouses and small houses of the parish.

The proposal maintains this multifunctionality but intended that these buildings cohabit in a balanced way. To this it was created more green spaces between buildings and approached the design of pavilions to housing scale, creating central courtyards that dematerialize the massive construction that usually characterizes the commerce and industry buildings.

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