About Us

Moura Martins Architects is a company that prints quality, rigor and creativity in all its projects. We see each project as one. We seek the best solution for every challenge.


We define with rigor and fulfill the deadline of each project phase. We respect the commitment to our customers by delivering the work with the necessary promptness and always maintaining the same standard of quality and efficiency.


We are a team of experienced and motivated architects. We dedicate ourselves to each project with commitment and satisfaction. We have knowledge and skills that allow us to perform the various types of projects. We also have partnerships with competent professionals in other complementary areas that allow cover successfully all specialties of a project.


We are able to project:

  • New buildings
  • Expansions
  • Rehabilitations
  • Interior design

In such different areas as:

  • Commerce
  • Equipment
  • Offices
  • Housing
  • Stands
  • Urbanism

We invest in the quality of our work. Each project is unique and special. We are dedicated to finding the best solution for each place always looking to build functional, creative and distinct spaces. We study in detail the surrounding areas creating cohesive environments; We anticipate the current and future clients needs, building flexible spaces; We raise routines creating for each object a place; We seek sustainable solutions and materials that monetize your space.

Acting zones

Although based in Oporto, our company has worked in different parts of the world. In addition to Portugal, we have projects in other countries like Germany, France and Angola


We follow all project phases:

(stages of a project may vary depending on the complexity of this)

1. Property selection

The choice of the property is the first and one of the most important steps for the success of a project. The monitoring of the architect in this process is crucial. Our team will help to realize the space to purchase according to the client needs. It is evaluated the state of the property and its main characteristics such as location, solar position, ventilation. We also analyzed, with the competent authorities, which are the limits of construction and if there are any financial supports available for the project in question.

2. Preliminary program

It is analyzed with the client what will be designed according to their needs, aspirations, budget and legal constraints. We checked all legislation and municipal plans for the site.

3. Preliminary study

Development of the first draft of the project according to what was defined in the previous phase. The project is presented through plans, elevations and sections. Depending on the situation can also present models and/ or three-dimensional drawings.

4. Licensing project

It results from a redefinition of the previous study after it is discussed with the client. The project is redesigned with the changes required in the previous stage (if any) and in coordination with other specialties. If applicable, the whole process is prepared for approval by the City Council and are presented all the required drawings and written documents for this purpose.

5. Project execution/measurements and budget

Includes elements designed and written that identify all construction details to perform. All construction processes are specified, characteristics and quantity of the materials to use.

6. Building contractor selection

If desired, we also collaborate in choosing the work contractor. We help to analyze the different proposals conjugating several factors such as experience, time and price.

7. Construction monitoring

We perform technical assistance and monitoring during construction to ensure the follow-up project, the quality of materials, accuracy in the execution of details and the resolution of any problems or questions that may arise during the work.

8. Furniture design

The choice of furniture and its deployment in space is also an important aspect of the project. An effective choice translates into a pleasant and functional space. We support our customers in choosing the best solutions, and when necessary we design customized solutions.