Benefits of working with an architect

in architecture


There are several benefits of working with an architect. We are professionals with training, experience and license to design a building based on its functional, legal and financial requirements. We guide the client through the entire process, ensuring the project’s effectiveness.


Moura Martins architects are experts in solving problems using creativity to find different solutions. We seek to achieve a balance between function and aesthetics. At the same time that we meet codes, regulations and financial constraints. We think in all details to ensure that the project meet all requirements.


Hiring a professional ensures that your project will follow the rules and will achieve the intended objectives. Our architects will work with you to find a tailored solution that meets your identity, needs and budget.


We are also qualified to prepare all the necessary documentation to acquire building permits.


Also, during construction, the architect plays a crucial role. We monitor all the works in order to guarantee the fulfillment of the project and, if any problem arises, we can quickly respond to the situation.


Our team consists of a group of experienced and creative architects who will be able to support you in all phases of the project, designing the best solution for your space and maximizing your investment.





We maximize your investment.

Good design is a profitable investment. A beautiful, functional, flexible and timeless design adds value to a building. A well-designed space has a higher resale value.


We study your needs.

Mainly at the beginning of the project we meticulously study the needs of our clients. For this, we analyze routines, habits, personalities, tastes. We listen to clients’ needs and desires to turn them into efficient and valid solutions.


We guarantee effective and creative solutions.

The work of our team is to design creative and efficient solutions to solve the most complex problems. We always look for the best solution for each project creating unique and exclusive spaces.


We help you choose the right materials and finishes.

Taking into account the concept and objectives of the project, the budget, the tastes and needs of the client, we help to choose the most suitable materials. We are familiar with various solutions that allows us to select those that best match the requirements of the project. Thus, we look for beautiful, durable, sustainable and low maintenance materials.


We save you money.

A well-planned project will be more economically effective. A detailed study can avoid delays and changes during construction.

Our team provides all the drawings, finish maps and quantities that allow you to obtain a strict budget for all works. In this way the client can see if the project is in accordance with its objectives and compare different proposals from contractors.

We can also help you to build a more sustainable building. Simple measures such as enhancing natural light can reduce the cost of heating or lighting the building.


We make your life easier.

Building is a long and complex process. It is necessary to manage different specialties, coordinate them, control deadlines, budgets, etc. Our team can look out for your interests and find ways to make that process go smoothly.

In addition, certain projects require compliance with legal bureaucracies that we can help solve. Hiring an architect, you will have a qualified person to resolve different issues and avoid delays, errors or other concerns.